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PIM PreCheck conditions
Posted by Donna DeEulio on 13 October 2009 10:24 AM

A user's PIM items will only be processed during an NLPim cycle if there have been changes to the account. This is known as the PIM PreCheck. PIM changes in the user's account are detected when the user's mail is processed.  This is intended to increase the overall speed and efficiency of the NotifyLink system.  Waiting for PIM changes to be detected during the email check cycle, however, results in a PIM cycle dependence on the email check interval.  The worst-case maximum delay for a PIM item to process is the sum of the PIM and email check intervals. 

The NLPim service will process the user if one or more of the following occur:

 I.    An item is added/deleted/modified in the user's default Calendar folder

 II.   An item is added/deleted/modified in the user's default Task folder

 III.  A meeting request is received in the user's Inbox

 IV. A PIM item is added/deleted/modified on the user's device

 V.  A meeting request is initiated on (sent from) the user's device

 VI. The user's Calendar Format settings change on the web console

Note:  Adding or removing a Contact folder on the server does NOT force a PIM cycle for the user automatically.  The folder will not be displayed on the "Choose Address Books" page until the next PIM cycle for that user.  Performing any of the above tasks will effectively force a refresh following the next PIM cycle