Select Sent folder on server AND on Windows Mobile device to synchronize
Posted by Jodie Grazier on 09 October 2009 10:29 AM

Windows Mobile ActiveSync:

Pocket Outlook settings on the device are set to "Keep copies of sent items in Sent Folder," however, items do not appear in the Sent folder.
Pocket Outlook > Menu > Tools > Options > (account) > Message tab > "Keep copies of sent items in Sent Folder" checked

When using ActiveSync to synchronize with NotifyLink, any folder other than the Inbox that you wish to synchronize must be configured to do so in both NotifyLink and on the Windows Mobile device.  Copies of originations, replies and forward sent from the device, will therefore not be placed in the Sent folder.
   Note:  This does not apply to the Trash folder as its sychronization capability is only one direction (Device to Server).  See also KB article 728.


In the NotifyLink Client Web, select folders you want to synchronize and turn folder mirroring on. 

In addition, you must select the folders on the device.

From the NotifyLink Client Web home page:
Select General > Control and check the Enable Folder Mirroring box.
Select the folder from Mailbox Properties > Folders.

On the device:
Open the device Inbox and tap Menu > Tools > Manage Folders. Check the Sent Items folder and any other folder you wish to synchronize.