Adding a new license to NLES v4.6.0 server
Posted by Donna DeEulio on 06 October 2009 05:26 PM

This article applies to NLES v4.6.0 servers that are running Update 5.

Update 5 included a change for the behavior of license validation. When running this version, after a new license is added via the NLES Administrative Web Console, the following services must be restarted in this order:

1) NLES ValidateLeaseService
2) NLES GleanerController
3) NLES PimService

The restart process when adding a new license will be handled automatically in a future release of NLES.

Additionally, if the NLES server is rebooted and the services do not start in the order listed above, users may fail to check email and pim. If this occurs, the administrator should manually restart the services in this order.

This issue is resolved with the application of NLES 4.6.x Update 15.