Windows Server 2008 Issues and Workarounds
Posted by Donna DeEulio on 06 October 2009 04:17 PM

NotifyLink Enterprise Server:

The following issues have been identified when installing or operating NotifyLink Enterprise Server v4.6.x - 4.7.0 on a Windows Server 2008 machine.

Clicking Continue on the NotifyLink Administrative Web inactivity timeout dialog does not continue the session and proceeds to timeout. 
Workaround: If you are experiencing this problem, adjusting the session.cookie_lifetime value in the PHP file to an interval that is less than the 20 minute defualt setting should prevent this from happening.

  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files\NotifyLink Enterprise Server\php\php.ini
  2. Open the file and search for "session.cookie_lifetime"
  3. Adjust the value to 1140 seconds (19 minutes) or less.
  4. Restart IIS.


The following issues have been identified when installing or operating NotifyLink Enterprise Server v4.6.0 on a Windows Server 2008 machine.

The installation of the NotifyLink Http/Web Component may fail on a Windows Server 2008 machine with Apache.

If Apache is currently installed on the machine, but IIS was previously installed and then removed, an IIS registry key is left behind which causes the installer to expect that IIS is installed. The installer attempts to access other IIS files and settings that no longer exist and, as a result, the installer will exit.

Workaround: Temporarily install IIS again, so that the installer will prompt you to select the web server.

     1. Install IIS 
     2. Install the NotifyLink Http/Web Component, selecting Apache as the web server when you are prompted.
     3. Remove IIS.

Long Term Solution:
The next release of the NotifyLink installer will ignore residual settings left by IIS and will eliminate the issue.


Rebooting the server running the NotifyLink Messaging Component fails to restart several NLES services.
Workaround: Adjust the Startup Type in the four services affected so that they auto-start whenever the server is rebooted.

  1. After rebooting, open the Services panel.
  2. Right click each of the following NLES services and select Properties.
    -NLES AttachmentService
    -NLES Available Users
    -NLES GleanerController
    -NLES Monitor Service
    -NLES PIM Service
  3. Set the Startup Type for each service to "Automatic (Delayed Start)."

Note: Users should updgrade to the latest production release, as newer versions of NotifyLink Enterprise Server update the Startup Type setting for these services automatically.

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