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Utilities to extract information from BlackBerry devices when troubleshooting GO!NotifyLink or GO!NotifySync
Posted by Heather Burkett on 25 August 2009 03:03 PM

Download the from the following link:







  1. Download and extract the zip file available in this article into a directory on your hard drive. (i.e. c:\bb_javaloader_tools)


  2. Run the appropriate .bat file for the information you are wishing to obtain. Below is a description of what each of the files do.
  3. After running the appropriate.bat file, a new file, any file that returns output should create a file that will appear in the same directory as the batch file that was executed. The filename should be "the same as the name of the .bat file with a .txt extension. (For Example: BlackBerryEventLog.bat will result in a log called BlackBerryEventLog.txt”) Open and view this file to make sure that it is not empty and then email this file to the Globo Mobile Technical Support team if requested.




Files included in the


1. BlackBerryEventLog.bat


a. This file is used to extract the device's event log.  


2. BlackBerryModuleList.bat


a. This file is used to extract the device's module list. 


3. BlackBerryScreenShot.bat


a. This file takes a snapshot of what is being displayed on the screen.


4. BlackBerryResetToFactory.bat


a. This file is used to reset the device to factory settings. This is equivalent to the "Erase App Application Data" function in the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. This erases all application data but does not erase the system or third party application files.


b. This file will also disable an IT Policy if you have identified that an IT Policy is enabled on your device.


5. BlackBerryWipe.bat


a. This file is used to perform a low-level format of the device. This is equivalent to the "Erase All Applications" function in the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.


b. This erases all system and third party software from the device.


c. After executing this command the device will no longer have any system software on the device and therefore will not boot. You must re-install the system software using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.