Web performance issue when using ActiveSync devices and Apache web serve
Posted by - NA - on 28 July 2009 10:05 AM
iPhone/iPod touch/iPad:

The Apache web server "hangs" or crashes periodically when ActiveSync devices are used. The provided solution is only a temporary work around until the problem can be resolved correctly in a future release or hotfix.


Perform the following two steps on the server running the NotifyLink Web Component.
Note: The interval in step 2j can be adjusted as needed for a particular NLES system.

1. Create a notepad file named "apacherestart.bat" (without quotes) and place in it the following 2 lines:
           net stop apache2
           net start apache2

2. Create a Scheduled Task on the server to run this file by completing the following:
    a. Open Scheduled Tasks (Settings > Control Panel > Scheduled Tasks)
    b. Select "Add a Scheduled Tasks", then "Next"
    c. Click "browse" to the file that you saved above
    d. Call the job "apacherestart"
    e. Select Daily
    f. Start time of 12:00 AM, every day, select "Next"
    g. Enter the password for the Windows account, select "Next"
    h. Checkmark the box to open advanced properties, select "Finish"
    i. select the "Schedule" tab, select "Advanced"
    j. Checkmark "Repeat Task", every 30 minutes, duration = 24 hours, select "OK"
    k. select "Apply", select "OK"