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PIM fields that do not synchronize between FirstClass and NotifyLink
Posted by - NA - on 29 June 2009 11:57 AM
Some PIM fields will not be synchronized between FirstClass and NotifyLink.


Calendar Event Fields

Contacts Fields

Tasks Fields

Supported fields that do not sync

-Middle name
-Personal Email
-Personal Web Site
-Quick Name (DisplayName)

-Status (other than complete or not complete)

NotifyLink fields that do not sync to FirstClass


-Radio Phone (RIM DCID)
-User Field 1 (RIM Pin)
-Other Phone
-Additional Work Email addresses (1st Email syncs)

FirstClass fields that do not sync to NotifyLink

-Invited By
-Show As

-Work Email Addresses
-Business Phone 2
-Personal Phone 2
-Personal Fax
-Manager Phone
-Assistant Phone
-html notes field
-Synchronize entry with handheld device

-Created By
-Completed On