Unable to Login to Administrative Console; URL duplicating in Address Bar
Posted by - NA - on 06 July 2009 01:35 PM


When attempting to login to the NotifyLink (NLES) Administrative Interface Console for the first time and are unsuccessful, verify within the Address Bar that you are not seeing duplicate URL's appearing one after another.

If you do see multiple URL's appearing within the address bar you now need to go, within your NotifyLink server to the installation location.  By default C:\Program Files\NotifyLink Enterprise Server\Web.

Within the WEB folder directory you need to locate the php.ini file.  Once found if you right-click and go to Properties, you need to verify that this file has both Read and Write status.  If it does not, please select these options and make sure to Apply.  You may possibly need to restart the World Wide Web Service, which can be founded within Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services.

Also check to make sure the date and time are correct on the NotifyLink server.  We have seen where if the time is off by even 15 minutes it will cause this issue.  Correct the time on the sever, restart IIS, and try logging in to the NLES Administrative Interface Console.

If this file does have both Read and Write status and the time is correct, however you are still experiencing duplicate URL's within the address bar, please contact Notify Technical Support for further troubleshooting.