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Cannot access device Inbox
Posted by - NA - on 06 July 2009 01:25 PM
Windows Mobile 5:

In order to access the device Inbox, you will be prompted for some further information. This is by design on the BlackJack and the Dash and was implemented by the manufacturer.

There are two workarounds for this. You can either access the "Outlook E-mail" indirectly or setup a "Fake" e-mail account.

1. Indirectly accessing the "Outlook E-mail":

If you choose to indirectly access the inbox, you will need to perform the following steps every time you wish to view the inbox. To access the inbox indirectly, select "SMS/MMS" or "Text Messages" from the initial list and then use LEFT and RIGHT on the 5 way navigator to switch to "Outlook E-mail"

2. Creating a "Fake" e-mail account:

Creating a "Fake" e-mail account is a workaround that only needs done one time. You can set it up after you have registered the NotifyLink client.

Note that once this has been setup, accepting meeting invitations will not function correctly.

To setup a "Fake" E-mail account:

Click on the Inbox to create a Fake email connection

Enter "" and Select Next

Enter "name" in User name

Enter "password" in Password

Enter "mydomain" in Domain and select next

Only check E-mail

Select Finish

Removing the "Fake" E-mail Account:
If you wish to remove the "Fake" E-mail account, use the following steps.

Note that this will remove all messages from the device.

1. Open the Start Menu.
2. Select ActiveSync
3. Make sure "Exchange Server" is selected
4. Select "Menu"
5. Select "Delete"
6. You will be prompted that deleting the source will will delete all email. Select "Yes"