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Contact Email addresses must comply with accepted format
Posted by - NA - on 29 June 2009 11:54 AM
I.  FirstClass Client allows the entry of control characters, brackets, quotation marks, etc., in the Email address field of a contact.  Email addresses containing these characters, however, will not synchronize to the device.  The contact will appear on the device without an Email address.
Universally, control characters and <,>,{,},[,],|,(,),", comma and \ are not valid in either part (local or domain) of an email address.
In the local part of an email address, <, >, [, ], (, ), ", comma and \ are not valid unless contained within a quoted string.
The domain portion of an email address is limited to letters, digits, and hyphens drawn from the ASCII character set.

II.  A second Email address format issue:  If a contact is created on the device with an Email address that does not contain the @ symbol, the contact synchronizes to the server without the Email address.