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Enable Blackberry logging and Extract the SDCard or Event Log from the device
Posted by - NA - on 06 July 2009 01:18 PM


If Technical Support has requested a high level SD Card Log or Event Log from your Blackberry device, adjust the logging settings by following these steps.

1.   Go to the Log Settings option from the Preferences screen.

a.    Note: If Log Settings is not an option in the Preferences screen, hold the alt key and type "NTLG" on the keypad from anywhere in the Notify email application.

2.   Once in the Log Settings screen (by either of the above methods), check the box for Enable Logging.  Once this item is checked, select Save from the menu to save the changes and then exit the Log Setting screen.  The Notify application will create a log that contains information necessary to facilitate the debugging of many issues.  NOTE:  An SD card must be installed on the device in order to store this type of log.

3.    You can then attach this file to an email and send it to Tech Support for review.  The path to find the log is: /SDCard/BlackBerry/NotifyLogFiles and the file name is YYYYMMDD.txt

a.    Although saving the log in an SD card file is preferrable because of the level of detail it provides, it is possible to extract the event log without an SD card by using the tool from the link below.



If NOT using an SD Card to gather the log:

Included in the

1. BlackBerryEventLog.bat
2. BlackBerryModuleList.bat
3. BlackBerryScreenShot.bat
4. BlackBerryResetToFactory.bat
5. BlackBerryWipe.bat


1. Download and extract the zip file available in this article to your computer.
2. Connect the device to your computer using the included USB cable.
3. Run the BlackBerryEventLog.bat
4. When the command window disappears, a new file should appear in the same directory as the batch file that was executed. The filename should be "BlackBerryEventLog.txt". Open and view this file to make sure that it is not empty and then email this file to the Notify Technical Support team.