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Clearing BlackBerry Device Databases
Posted by - NA - on 06 July 2009 01:12 PM

Clearing BlackBerry Device Databases

1. Hook the device up to the USB cable (or cradle)

2. Open "Desktop Manager" software

3. Select "Backup and Restore"

4. Click the "Advanced" button

5. You will see a list of databases on the right.

6. Select all the databases related to Notify (you should see about 15 - 17)

7. Click the "Clear" button

8. Shut down the Desktop Manager and remove the device from the USB cable (or cradle).

9. Pull the battery out of the back of the device, leave it out for 10 seconds and replace it.

10. When the device boots back up NotifyLink should be unregistered.

Now the databases should be cleared and you should basically be left with a freshly installed copy of NotifyLink of the BlackBerry and you can register the client.