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Configuring PIM for SUN
Posted by - NA - on 06 July 2009 11:49 AM
To utilize all of PIM, the Calendar, Tasks and Contacts, for SUN, you have to have both Communication Express and Calendar Express.

- Communications Express is used for Contacts.
- Calendar Express is used for Calendar and Tasks.

Setting this up is done after you add your mail server inside the Notifylink Admin web console. Click Manage PIM Server/ Edit PIM Server and there are fields for the Calendar Express server and the Communications Express server.

You will need to know the URI and Port of each server.

- The URI is the DNS or IP of the server (Communications Express URI is usually set up with [DNS or IP]/uwc).
- The Port is the port the server listens over.

By default:
Communications Express listens over port 80
Calendar Express listens over port 3080

Notifylink also supports SSL with both servers.

- Full Session: Use SSL during the full session
- Authentication/Login Only: Use SSL when just logging in/authenticating to the server
--- When using the Authentication/Login Only, a Non-SSL port will have to be specified also.