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Registering GO!NotifyLink as a Trusted Application
Posted by - NA - on 06 July 2009 10:20 AM
Trusted Application allows the GO!NotifyLink (GO!NL) server to login to the user's email account without knowing the actual password to the account. This is especially useful when your organization maintains a password change policy, so that the GO!NL Administrator does not have to continuously change the password within each users account.

To set your GO!NL server up for Trusted Application, there are 2 options:

Install Trusted Application via the GO!NL Messaging Server using Groupwise 8 or older

  1. Install the Novell Client on the server that houses the GO!NL Messaging Component (this can be uninstalled once GO!NotifyLink has been set up as a Trusted Application)
  2. Log into the Primary Domain through the Novell Client
  3. Open up Windows Explorer and go to the directory where you downloaded and extracted the NLES install files
  4. Go into "Bin" -> "GWTApp" -> Double Click "RegisterTrustedApp.exe"
  5. This will open a Windows Pop-Up that will tell you to browse to the primary domain (wpdomain.db)
  6. Once you have selected this directory, click "Register Trusted App"
  7. Once this has registered, you will be given another pop-up stating that it has been registered successfully

Install Trusted Application using Groupwise 8 Service Pack 1 or newer

Beginning with GroupWise 8 Support Pack 1, customers can now create a Trusted Application and its associated key within Console One.  Follow the link below for information from Novell:

In the “Name” field, call the Trusted Application “NotifyLink” (Note: This is case sensitive).  DO NOT checkmark “Requires SSL” or “Provides Message Retention Service”.

A copy of the key file can then be sent to Globo Mobile Technologies so the necessary information can be entered into the GO!NotifyLink database.