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Reminder Note, Appointment, or Task that cannot be edited
Posted by - NA - on 06 July 2009 10:16 AM
This issue applies to Reminder Notes, Appointments, and Tasks created in the GroupWise Client. When these items are created by going to the File menu, selecting New, then choosing Reminder Note, Appointment, or Task they are created as an invitation to the user themselves. These items cannot be edited from the GroupWise Client or by NotifyLink (if a change is made to the item on the device). Items created as "Posted" do not have this issue

Please note that within the GroupWise client, selecting "New Appt" directly defaults to creating a meeting invitation from yourself to yourself, so this situation would apply if an item is added in that way.  What should be done to avoid this is to select "New Appt" and then choose "Posted Appointment" to add the appointment.  Creating a Posted Appointment in this way would allow the item to be modified on the device and then reflect properly within GroupWise as well.