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"No input file specified" error on web page
Posted by - NA - on 01 July 2009 08:53 AM

Web Server:

The "No input file specified" error is displayed when browsing the NotifyLink admin or client web interface if the Internet user does not have the correct permissions on the php page. This is typically seen after applying a php page as part of a hotfix. To resolve this error, perform the following steps on the server running the NotifyLink Web Component:

1. Navigate to the NotifyLink web directory (default location C:\Program Files\NotifyLink Enterprise Server\web)
2. From here, navigate to the appropriate web page in either the 'admin' or 'client' subfolder
3. Right click on the php page and select 'Properties'
4. On the 'Security' tab, choose the 'Add' button
5. Select the IUSR account or Everyone and add this account
6. Set to allow 'Read' and 'Read & Execute'