Page times out accepting the License Agreement
Posted by - NA - on 30 June 2009 04:49 PM
Multi-Tenant Edition:

After adding a new user to an On Demand server, the page times out accepting the EULA. 


Solution:  The last step in accepting the License Agreement re-directs the user to an HTTPS link.  If there is no SSL certificate set up for the NotifyLink server then this last step times out with the default settings.

To modify the server to use an HTTP connection instead of re-directing to HTTPS you can make a change in EULA.php.  Go to C:\Program Files\NotifyLink Enterprise Server\Web\Admin\Eula.php.  Open Eula.php in notepad and do a search for "https" (without the quotes).  Change the references to HTTPS to HTTP.  If you are running a 4.5 NotifyLink server, this will be changed in two locations.  If the server is pre-4.5 then there is only 1 place this needs changed.

header("Location: https://$ExternalIP/mobile");

header("Location: https://$ExternalIP/client");

header("Location: http://$ExternalIP/mobile");

header("Location: http://$ExternalIP/client");

After saving this change there should no longer be a problem with accepting a License Agreement.