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"Turn Passcode Off" option is not always exposed on iPhone
Posted by - NA - on 30 June 2009 04:15 PM
Disabling the "Lock Enabled" user IT policy in the NotifyLink Administrative Web does not consistently enable the "Turn Passcode Off" option on the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.

When the lock requirement is disabled on the web, the Passcode prompt still displays after inactivity. This is normal.  Disabling "Lock Enabled" does not turn off the Passcode prompt, it simply exposes an option that allows the user to turn the passcode off.  Under Settings > General > Passcode Lock, there should be a new option "Turn Passcode Off."

In testing, however, devices did not consistently display the "Turn Passcode Off" option as expected.  If you experience this, perform one or both of the following steps:
   -Power off the device, wait 10 secconds, then power on again. Check to see if you are able to remove the password lock.
   -If powering off/on does not resolve the issue, remove the ActiveSync user from the device then add the user to the device again; no changes are required on the server.