Valid Email Account Required to Send Meeting Invitations
Posted by - NA - on 30 June 2009 11:57 AM

NotifyLink ActiveSync Solution:

If a valid email account is not used, meeting invitations will not be sent to the device. As a work-around, find the ClientDeviceSAKey for the user on the User Statistics page, and enter the following queries in Query Analyzer, replacing CDKEY with the ClientDeviceSAKey.


1.  Update GleanerCheckpoint set UpdateFolders = 0 where ClientDeviceSAKey = CDKEY

2. INSERT INTO Folders (FolderName, FolderID, FolderType, ClientDeviceSAKey, FolderSelected, Visible, ID, ParentID, DisplayName) VALUES ('INBOX', '/', 256,
CDKEY, 1, 1, 0, -1, 'Inbox')

Note that for Meeting Maker customers, this work-around applies to all device types. For iPhone users, this issue can apply to any collaboration suite, not just Meeting Maker.