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Conserve Battery Power on Device
Posted by - NA - on 30 June 2009 11:25 AM

Here are some tips for conserving battery power on your device.

  • Adjust your Push Settings
    • Scheduled Push 
      • Set the Scheduled Push frequency to a higher interval. 
      • Decrease the range of your synchronization period by adjusting the Start/Stop time
    • Direct Push

Push settings can be changed from your device using the NotifyLink Preferences menu.

  • Issue the Block command for any spam email that should not be sent to your device.
  • Use the suspension Commands to shut Notify OFF during periods you do not actively use the device.
  • Change the backlight on the device to a low setting.
  • Bluetooth Users - turn off Bluetooth when not in use.  Note - Bluetooth usage will decrease your battery life in general. Please refer to your manufacturer guides for further information.
  • Purchase an extended or spare battery for your device.

Reference the device guide written for your device type to read more about Push Settings, Blocks, and Commands.

  • Lessen the email traffic going to your device
    Access the Client Web to specify what email should be allowed through to the device.
    • Enable Smart Read Status and Smart Delete
      Select General > Control > Messaging Options and check the boxes beside Smart Read Status and Smart Delete
    • Turn off Include Response History
      Select General > Control > Tracking/Errors and remove the check beside Include Response History
    • Create Filters for any email you do not need sent to the device
      Select Mailbox Properties > Filters to create filters.
    • Synchronize essential email folders only and turn folder mirroring off
      Select Mailbox Properties > Folders and select Show INBOX only
      Select General > Control > Messaging Options and remove the check beside Folder Mirroring
    • Make the email body notification size less than the default.
      Select General > Format > Notification Body Format and adjust the Notification Size.
    • Turn off attachments
      Select General > Format and remove the check beside Send attached files to device

Reference the Client Web Guide to read more about customizing your account.