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NotifyLink OTA Install for BlackBerry
Posted by - NA - on 30 June 2009 11:21 AM


NotifyLink for BlackBerry Phone InstallĀ - v4.5.1.0 and higher

Some versions of the BlackBerry Internet Browser contain a bug that may result in failed installation attempts. Device models known to exhibit the bug include 8100 (Pearl), 8700, 8800 and 8830 (World Edition). If the installation fails, you will need to start the installation again. When the installation is run again, you will be prompted to overwrite each application module. A failed installation can be detected if either of the following occurs:

  • The device soft resets during the installation process.
  • After a "successful" installation, NotifyLink is launched and there is a warning about missing modules or an error is reported.

Customers that experience this issue may prefer to use the Desktop installation of the NotifyLink client application.