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How to cancel BIS account setup
Posted by - NA - on 30 June 2009 11:14 AM
 To remove your BIS account from your Blackberry device you simply need to remove the account from the Carrier's BIS web site.  For all North American provider's BIS site, you can select your carrier at the bottom of the following link:;jsessionid=497591238CEF29C1CB072FCFEB8BC1FD

If you have an item on your BlackBerry's main screen named Personal Email Setup/Mobile Email settings, You can do it from there too.  Doing it from there simply brings you to the BIS site where you can remove it the same as following the steps above. 

Please note that removing a BIS account simply means removing the personal email account that you have set up through the Carrier.  This does not impact NotifyLink email and you can continue to use the BIS Network Setting without issue.