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2 calendars appear on device after adding BIS account
Posted by - NA - on 30 June 2009 11:13 AM


Problem: 2 calendars now appear on the Blackberry device after adding a BIS account.  NotifyLink is only capable of syncing with 1 calendar on the device so changes may not be working properly.

Solution: In Blackberry OS 4.6 or higher it should be easier to manage having multiple calendars.  With older OS devices you can only see 2 calendars, you cannot manage 2 calendars separately. In order to begin syncing properly with NotifyLink again you would need to perform the following steps. 

Please note that you will need to correct the missing/incorrect calendar items on your device on the server first because the items on the device will be lost.

1) On your PC launch Desktop Manager with your device connected to the USB cable
2) If prompted for a profile simply select Cancel
3) Double click on Backup/Restore
4) Select Advanced
5) Your device databases will populate in the right hand pane
6) Delete the calendar database by highlighting Calendar and then push the clear button
7) Delete the Notify calendar database by highlighting NotifyCalendarDatabase and the push the clear button
8) Select close twice and exit out of Desktop Manager.
9) Initiate a new OTA load for calendar.

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