BlackBerry devices and the Keystore Password
Posted by - NA - on 30 June 2009 11:01 AM

My BlackBerry is prompting for the keystore password. Why is it prompting and what am i supposed to enter?

There are several reasons why the device might prompt for the keystore password.  This usually occurs because the device is attempting to connect to a secure web page and the certificate is not trusted by the device.  In order to allow the device to connect to this page, the keystore password must be entered.  The keystore password is a password that is set on the device itself during setup.  The first time your device asks for this password, you should see a space to enter a new password and then a space to confirm that password.  This will be when the password is set and you will need to remember this for the future if and when it prompts for it again.  This is not a password that is set by Notify Technology. This is a password set on the BlackBerry device itself. 

You can configure this password on the BlackBerry device by going into Options -> Security -> Key Store -> Go into the Menu -> Change Key Store Password.  Make sure you set this password to something that will be remembered.

**If you are running a 5.0 BlackBerry OS, you may find this option under Options -> Security Options -> Advanced Security Options -> Keystores.

If you have never set this password in the past but it is prompting you for this password, you can try other passwords that you have set up on the device.  Try the native security password or any other password that may have been set up on the device specifically.  If no password will be accepted then a wipe of the device would be required. To do this wipe, you can connect to the desktop manager and choose the option to "Clear All Applications".  You should be able to perform a backup of the device so that after the wipe is performed, the data is restored to your device but the keystore password can be reset.  Please note that this is not a function of NotifyLink but a Blackberry specific function so you can reference your Device Manual or contact Research In Motion for further questions regarding keystore passwords and Hard Resets of the device.