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Unable to download all attachment types using Native Blackberry attachments with Documents To Go after the 4.5 or higher OS update
Posted by - NA - on 30 June 2009 10:59 AM


I am trying to use the Native Attachment support available with NotifyLink 4.6 server and 4.6.3 NotifyLink for Blackberry device client with a 4.5 or higher OS.  Some of the Office attachments will work, but others will not.


Check to ensure that you have Documents To Go installed properly on your device.  For example, if you recently upgraded your device to a 4.5 or higher OS from an older OS version, the device may have a copy of Documents To Go that does not include all of the viewers.  If you are missing one of the viewers this would result in you being unable to open files of that type.

Viewers available with the Standard Edition of Documents To Go are:
      -Word To Go (Word files)
      -Sheets To Go (Excel files)
      -SlideShow To Go (PowerPoint files)
Check for these icons on the device's Home screen or in the Applications or Downloads folders.

If you are missing a viewer, you can download a full copy of the Documents To Go software from the link below. 
Note:  The Standard Edition is a free version, however users may choose to purchase the Premium Edition, which also includes a PDF viewer.