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PIM Loads complete, but fail to load all PIM items successfully
Posted by - NA - on 30 June 2009 10:18 AM


A PIM Load issued for a specific PIM type completes successfully but one or more items within the load fails to save to the device. The PIM Load Summary that is saved to the Inbox indicates that only a portion of the total items were successfully saved.

Possible Causes and Solutions

PIM Load Summary indicates that some PIM items are successfully saved and some are not.

If the majority of the load items are saved successfully, it is likely that the items that are not saved contain data that is either invalid or is beyond the capability of the device. To troubleshoot why these items can not be saved, identify which items are failing to save and check to make sure that they do not contain invalid data. If nothing stands out, a high-level event log should be collected that captures the device is processing a PIM load. The log should be submitted to Notify Technical Support for further investigation. Contact a technical support representative for additional help doing this.

PIM Load Summary indicates that 0 PIM items are successfully saved.

This usually indicates that the associated PIM list on the device is corrupt and NotifyLink is unsuccessful when attempting to save anything to this PIM list.

To repair a corrupt PIM list, first try using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and the Advanced Backup/Restore feature to clear all of the records for the associated PIM list. For example, if the Calendar list on your device is the problematic PIM list, use the BBDM to clear all of the records in the “CalendarDatabase”. After doing so, issue a new OTA Load for this PIM type in NotifyLink, wait for the load to complete, and then check the PIM Load Summary message that is saved to the Inbox.

If this is unsuccessful, reloading or updating the device operating system software for your device using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager is required. Use the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and the Application Loader feature and make sure to check the option to “Erase All Applications”. After the device operating software is reloaded, you will need to re-install NotifyLink, re-register your account, and issue OTA loads to re-synchronize your PIM items.