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All Day events being deleted for Sun users in GMT + time zones
Posted by - NA - on 30 June 2009 09:48 AM

All day events that are created for a Sun user are being deleted once the day arrives. All day events in the future sync and update fine but when the all day event occurs for "today" the item gets deleted.

This is a problem for users in any GMT + time zone and a calendar look back range of 0 weeks with the NotifyLink version 4.5 server.  Users in a GMT - time zone or a look back range of 1 or greater will not be affected. 

For example, a user in the time zone of GMT +1 with a calendar sync range of 0 weeks back and 52 weeks ahead will see their all day events deleted on the day that they occur.

This issue is to be resolved in a future (post 4.5) release of the NotifyLink server.  For any current users, the look back range can simply be updated to a value of 1 or greater to resolve the issue at this time. To do this, log into the administrative web console and go into User Administration -> Select the user in question -> User IT Policies -> Server Policies -> Calendar Format and set the Look Back range to 1 or greater.