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Calendar appointments are showing incorrect times after applying all DST patches
Posted by - NA - on 30 June 2009 09:45 AM

Issue: Calendar appointment times are off by one hour after applying all DST patches.

Description: All events created within Scalix Web Access or Outlook show correctly in the email client, but show one hour off on the device client. All events created on the device client show correctly on the device, but show incorrectly within Scalix Web Access or the Outlook client. 

NotifyLink uses Microsoft's CDO to access all Scalix Pim items. At this time, Microsoft is not offering an update to CDO to non-Exchange users. CDO does not use the timestamp in the Windows OS, it uses a built-in timestamp which cannot be updated. The following solution can be applied:

Recommended Solution: all users enter the meeting time and time zone within the Meeting subject. This will ensure that the recipient will be able to verify the correct meeting time for each Appointment.

This issue will occur on the following dates in 2007:

March 11th through April 1
October 28th through November 4th