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Error 382 or 365 in user stats
Posted by - NA - on 30 June 2009 09:45 AM


  1. Disable the user in the NLES admin console.
  2. Deselect all folders under IT Policies - > Folders
  3. Kill the IMAP process for the user:  
    • This command will give you the processID:
    • omstat -u rci
    • John Doe / hq/CN=JohnDoe 66537 R 12812
    • In this example pid is 12812.
    • To then kill the process:
    • kill 12812
  4.  Clear out your the user's imap folder cache as follows: 
    • make sure the user is logged out, i.e.
      omstat -u all
    • should not show any more sessions for him. 
    • determine the user folder directory, i.e.
      omshowu -n <lastname> -f 
    • Go there (the so-called g-directory of the user)
      cd /var/opt/scalix/??/s/user/????????/ 
    • This should have a subdirectory called imap-cache. delete that:
      rm -r imap-cache 
  5. Check the mailbox for errors:
    • omscan -AxvU 
      example: [root@mail ~]# omscan -AxvU "John Doe"  
  6. Select any folders
  7. Enable the user

If errors continue, send the results of the omscan to