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Look Back/Ahead Synchronization Range Set in Oracle Configuration Files
Posted by - NA - on 30 June 2009 08:19 AM

The synchronization range (look-back/look-ahead) for calendar events is set in the Oracle configuration files.

In Oracle v9., there is one global setting for each of "syncrangeback" and "syncrangeforward". Please refer to the Oracle v9. documentation for further details.

In Oracle v10. and Oracle v10., there are global settings as well as settings for individual devices. To edit the synchronization range, reference the "Discovering Device Profile Information" and "Device Profile Sections" portions of the following web page:

For Oracle Beehive, there is one global setting for each of "MaxSyncRangeBack" and "MaxSyncRangeForward". They default to 365 days and can be adjusted using the beectl shell. Refer to the Managing the Mobile Data Sync Service" section in the Beehive Administrator Guide for more information.