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Recurring event changes and exceptions made on a device
Posted by - NA - on 29 June 2009 04:46 PM


The Oracle server handles recurring series created on and sent up from the device by deleting the series and creating individual instances on the server.

Issues arise when device polling stops (due to user's customized settings or device being out of range/turned off) before these changes from the server can be sent to the device; then a modification is made on the device before polling resumes.

Issue #1 
A modification is made to the recurring event on the device before polling resumes.  The result is the server ignores the modification and the device has the original recurring event as individual instances (no modification is evident).

Issue #2
A modification is made to one instance of the recurring event on the device before polling resumes.  The result is the server has a duplicate of the modified instance and the device retains the original instance (no modification is evident).