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MDaemon contact and task duplicates and undeleted items
Posted by - NA - on 29 June 2009 03:11 PM

Prior to the release of NotifyLink Enterprise Server (NLES) 4.5.0 for MDaemon, an issue existed for contacts and tasks that had been edited or deleted.   Editing a contact or task resulted in a duplicate item.  Deleting an item resulted in the item being deleted on the side (server/device) from which the delete was issued, but not on the side to which it was synchronized.  The possibility of this happening existed when the hotfix for 2007 Daylight Saving Time Changes was applied.

Edited on the server --> Duplicated on the device
Edited on the device --> Duplicated on the server
Deleted on the server --> Not deleted on the device
Deleted on the device --> Not deleted on the server

Upgrading to NLES 4.5.0 for MDaemon corrects the cause of the problem, however, duplicates and undeleted items may still exist.

To clear out the unwanted contacts and tasks do the following:
1. Upgrade from NLES MDaemon 4.3.0 to NLES 4.5.0
2. Check each user's Tasks folder on the server for any duplicates or previously deleted tasks and delete them.
3. Check each user's Contacts folder on the server for any duplicates or previously deleted contacts and delete them.
4. Open NotifyLink on each user's device.
5. Request OTA Loads for Tasks and Contacts on the device.
6. Allow time for the NLPim Service to process and return OTA Loads to device.