How to Whitelist the NotifyMDM Browser in WebRoot (SecureAnywhere) software
Posted by Bernard Chandler on 17 March 2021 04:11 PM

WebRoot (SecureAnywhere) software can block the NotifyMDM browser from running correctly.  Here are some files to allow within WebRoot:

NotifyMDM Browser.exe or NotifyMDM Browser - (CompanyName).exe

  • plugin-container.exe | file location: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Turbo\Sandbox\Firefox\60.8.0\local\stubexe\0xDC3362B387423C17


  • plugin-container.exe | file location: C:\Users\<<YourUserName>>\AppData\Local\Turbo\Sandbox\Firefox\60.8.0\local\stubexe\0xDC3362B387423C17


  • firefox.exe | file location: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Turbo\Sandbox\Firefox\60.8.0\local\stubexe\0x61971E9FE68E0314


  • firefox.exe | file location: C:\Users\<<YourUserName>>\AppData\Local\Turbo\Sandbox\Firefox\60.8.0\local\stubexe\0x61971E9FE68E0314

WebRoot may create an additional entry for the firefox stubexe within Application Protection tab. By default the firefox stubexe entry would be set to Protect.  Please navigate to Application Protection tab (within Identity Protection) and switch this entry from Protect to Allow:

  • firefox.exe in C:\Users\<<YourUserName>>\AppData\Local\Turbo\Sandbox\Firefox\60.8.0\local\stubexe\0x61971E9FE68E0314

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