Kerio MailServer (6.x) issues a 500 error when device registers against the NotifyMDM server
Posted by Bernard Chandler on 31 May 2018 11:02 AM

When users interfacing with a Kerio mail server register to GO!Enterprise MDM, a 500 error is returned to the device and the registration does not complete.

Kerio considers a command used for validating NotifyMDM traffic to be from an unsupported device.

Work Around:
The issue can be circumvented by following the instructions outlined from the Kerio knowledge base article **'Allow Unsupported Device with Kerio MailServer' listed below:



User has a device that is not supported by Kerio MailServer and would like to have an email connection via ActivSync.




Stop the Kerio MailServer.

Locate the mailserver.cfg file, edit this file with a text editor;

Search for the following variable

<variable name="AllowUnsupportedDevices">0</variable>

Change the value from a '0' to a '1'

<variable name="AllowUnsupportedDevices">1</variable>

Save the change and restart the Kerio MailServer.

*Please note that by allowing unsupported devices, Technical Support may not be able to help with any issues that occur with the unsupported device.

The default location of the 'mailserver.cfg' file is;


C:\Program Files\Kerio\MailServer





**Please note the 'Allow Unsupported Device with Kerio MailServer' Kerio knowledge base article (ID 547) is no longer available.

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