Knowledgebase: NotifyMDM Server
Managed App handling via Local Groups
Posted by Heather Burkett on 15 May 2015 08:50 AM

Beginning with NotifyMDM version 3.8.1, Managed Applications are no longer assigned via Policy Suite permissions. This functionality has been moved into Local Groups.

Upgrades: Existing Users
During an upgrade from NotifyMDM v3.8.0 or older, to v3.8.1, Local Groups will automatically be created with the same names as existing Policy Suites. Users associated with a Policy Suite will now be members of a Local Group which contains the Managed App assignments. In this way, allocation of Managed Apps will remain unchanged for existing users.

Post-Upgrade User Additions
For new users added after a v3.8.1 server upgrade (or any new server installation of v3.8.1 or higher), a new process is required for allocating Managed Apps.

Instead of associating managed app allocations with a Policy Suite, administrators should now associate the managed apps with a Local Group or LDAP Group. When adding a device, assign it to the appropriate Local Group or LDAP Group. Like the Policy Suite assignment, group assignment can be done via the Add New User Wizard. Users/devices will have access to the apps associated with the group to which they are assigned. For additional information on assigning Managed Apps to Local Groups or LDAP groups please see the following user guide:

For devices using Hands-Off Enrollment via ActiveSync, create a Local Group and designate it as the default in the Organization Default Settings. In the dashboard, navigate to System Management -> Organization -> Hands-Off Enrollment Defaults. Select the Import Local Groups button and choose a default Local Group that should be assigned to users enrolling with the Hands-Off method.