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Export/Import contacts to resolve "Unknown errors"
Posted by - NA - on 29 June 2009 02:48 PM
Kerio users see "Caught Unknown Error" in the PIM log when trying to process contacts.

One possible solution that has worked for customers is to Export and then Import their contacts.  Kerio doesn't have an import/export function, so you have to use the mail client to do this such as Outlook or Entourage.  The following example is using Entourage.  The user's Kerio account is set up in Entourage as an Exchange type account.

Entourage has an Export function under its File menu, select export to a tab-delimited text file.
Then use the Kerio Web Mail interface to right-click on the Contacts folder and selected Delete All.
Then use the Entourage Import menu item under the File menu to import the same tab-delimited text file, which will repopulate the Kerio account automatically (takes a few minutes to do a couple thousand contacts.)