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NotifyMDM for Android App updates
Posted by Bernard Chandler on 07 August 2014 04:11 PM

The NotifyMDM for Android application does NOT automatically update on its own. 

When an update is available, the NotifyMDM for Android application can be updated from the Google Play Store or by downloading the .apk file, NotifyMDM.apk, from (, the NotifyMDM portal. 

There are some options, however, that allow you to update the app with little or no user intervention.


Use the Google Play Store app to set the NotifyMDM for Android application for automatic updating

This is the simplest and recommended best practice.

Follow the instructions at to enable the Auto-update option on the device. When this option is selected for a particular application, the app will update automatically whenever updates are available.


Update the NotifyMDM for Android application through Managed Applications

This method can assist in updating the NotifyMDM for Android application for users. It requires that an administrator add the application to the Managed Application list on the NotifyMDM server. It does not, however, facilitate an automatic update, as it requires several interactions from the user.

There are some prerequisites and/or requirements for this method to work: 

  • The NotifyMDM for Android app must be added to the managed app list on the NotifyMDM dashboard. Users must be assigned a Policy Suite that enables app updates to be pushed to their devices.

  • An administrator must update the version number for the managed NotifyMDM Android application on the NotifyMDM dashboard whenever there is a update. Failing to update the version can cause several issues that would hinder the update process. Administrators can subscribe to the Notify Technology Corporation RSS News Feed to keep informed about update releases.

  • The user’s currently installed NotifyMDM Android app must connect to the NotifyMDM server to allow the update process to proceed.

  • The user must enable the Unknown sources option on the device to allow the NotifyMDM.apk (NotifyMDM Android app file) to be installed. The Unknown sources option can then be disabled after the update occurs.

  • The user must accept the notification when prompted or the NotifyMDM Android app will not update. The user may be prompted several times.

    Notify Technology Corporation Support is available to assist in setting up the NotifyMDM for Android application as a managed application. You can also reference the Organization Administration Guide: Application Management for additional information on managed applications.