Requiring a password policy will limit use of Fingerprint access
Posted by on 28 April 2014 10:58 AM

If requiring a password is enabled in a policy suite, users may no longer be able to unlock their screen using the Fingerprint option.
This has been observed on the following devices:

On Galaxy S5
In some cases the screen lock pop-up will appear requiring the user to set a new password that is compliant with the policy. The user is able to reset Fingerprint, however, a PIN or password will still be required to unlock the device while the policy is in effect.  In other cases there is no issue, as some carriers have released OS 5.0 updates that have resolved the problem.

On Galaxy Note IV
If the user has fingerprint set up when they enroll with an MDM server that has the password policy enabled, they will be prompted to set up a Pattern, PIN, or Password instead. The fingerprint option will be grayed out on the device. Once the new unlock code is set, fingerprint is no longer used to access the device.