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SD card wipe behavior on Android devices with TouchDown
Posted by on 14 May 2013 04:16 PM

The NotifyMDM Selective Wipe and Remove User commands will un-enroll and selectively wipe a device, removing mail/PIM associated with the mail application, along with any managed apps or profiles. It also clears the NotifyMDM account and deletes the device from the grid.

In addition, on Android devices with TouchDown, the NotifyMDM Selective Wipe Device or Remove User command will initiate a forensic wipe of the SD card, which involves a rather lengthy process of filling the card with random data. While the SD card wipe is in progress, the TouchDown application cannot be accessed. Clearing the TouchDown data or issuing a Force Stop, using management options located in the Android Settings, will allow you to open the TouchDown application again, but can stop the forensic wipe of the SD Card.

From the Android Home screen select Settings > Applications > (choose application) > Clear Data or Force Stop