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Password Requirement Behavior on NotifyMDM for Android
Posted by on 30 April 2013 01:42 PM

When password requirement policies have been enabled on the NotifyMDM server, the NotifyMDM app verifies that a password has been created and that it meets specified criteria, such as password length or character content. The NotifyMDM for Android app reinforces password requirements on the device by repeatedly prompting the user to create a qualifying unlock password.

If the initial prompt to create a qualifying unlock password is dismissed, the device prompts again two minutes later. If the second prompt is dismissed without creating a password, the device will ask again after 60 minutes. From this point on, every time the password prompt is dismissed, the device repeats the request 5 seconds later, until the user creates a password.

Users should keep in mind that password length applies to unlock passwords, patterns, or PINs. An existing password that does not meet the qualifying criteria can also trigger the prompts. Users have experienced this when using a pattern type unlock code. For example, if a 6 digit simple passcode is the requirement, a 6 dot pattern code must be used, even though the native device dialog that appears will state that 4 or more are required.

Hint:  To see the password policies your organization has implemented, tap the Options icon in the NotifyMDM app and select View Policies.