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Not receiving the prompt to Initiate Enrollment of TouchDown using NotifyMDM
Posted by Heather Burkett on 27 February 2013 08:58 AM

After enrolling NotifyMDM on an Android device, I am not receiving the prompt to initiate the enrollment of TouchDown for mail.

In order for the TouchDown enrollment prompt to appear on the device there are a few criteria that must be met.

1.) On the server . . .
An administrator must enable a policy that triggers an automatic prompt, however, if this has not been done, you can still manually initiate the TouchDown enrollment from the NotifyMDM app's Settings (see instructions below).

Administrators: Enable Initiate Enrollment in the Policy Suite so that the TouchDown enrollment prompt appears automatically. From the NotifyMDM dashboard, go to Organization Management ->  Policy Management ->Policy Suites. Expand the Policy Suite you wish to change and select TouchDown Settings. Under the Installation category, verify that Initiate Enrollment is set to Yes for the Corporate and/or Individual liability.

2.) On the device . . .
TouchDown should be installed prior to the installation of NotifyMDM.  This allows the NotifyMDM application to recognize that TouchDown exists.  If this was not done in the proper order, a reboot of the device will correct the issue and you can access a TouchDown enrollment button in the NotifyMDM app's Settings (see instructions below). 

3.) If those criteria are met, but the issue still occurred, the problem could be timing . . .
In order for the TouchDown Enrollment to initiate, the NotifyMDM application must be open and be the active window.  If another prompt or application becomes active during enrollment (for example, a prompt to create a passcode), the prompt to initiate the TouchDown enrollment will not appear.  
When the prompt cannot appear on the screen, a message is placed in the Notifications on the device. The user can simply go into their Notifications and select the TouchDown enrollment from there.

To manually initiate the TouchDown enrollment:
If a Notification does not exist, if TouchDown was not installed on the device prior to installing NotifyMDM, or if the policy to automatically initiate TouchDown enrollment was not enabled on the server, then you can manually initiate the enrollment.

  1. From the home screen of the NotifyMDM app, tap the Settings icon.
  2. Select TouchDown Settings.
  3. Select the Enroll TouchDown button.
  4. The enrollment of TouchDown will begin, just as it would with the use of the prompt.