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Rolling back to previous version of NotifyMDM Server
Posted by on 29 November 2012 03:29 PM

If you have any issues and need to roll back to a previous version of NotifyMDM, it is strongly recommended that you contact Notify Technology Corporation Technical Support.  Below are the steps that will be taken to roll the server back.

1. Copy the MDM.ini file from the NotifyMDM directory to a safe place.  This file should not be needed but it is very important and needs to be retained in case there are any problems.

2.  Turn off the World Wide Web service.

3. Restore the NotifyMDM database.  In order to do this, within SQL Management Studio, click on the MDM database and select 'Tasks'.  Select 'Restore'.  Select the most current backup to restore. 

4. Within the Backups folder located in the NotifyMDM directory you will find compressed versions of previous NotifyMDM directories.  Extract the most recent and use it to replace the current NotifyMDM directory. 

5. Start the World Wide Web service.