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Accept Meeting Invitation Results in Two Acknowledgements
Posted by - NA - on 29 June 2009 02:23 PM

This issue applies to NotifyLink installations that use GroupWise Client v6.5.4 or earlier on the NotifyLink Messaging server.

When a meeting invitation is accepted from the NotifyLink user's device, the organizer of the meeting may receive two mail notifications of the acceptance in their GroupWise mailbox. This only occurs if the NotifyLink user's GroupWise Client is set to send notifications to the organizer when an invitation is accepted. This option is configured in the GroupWise Client under:

Tools > Options > Send > Appointment tab > "Return Notification" section

"When accepted" is set to "Mail Recipient".

The issue can be resolved by using GroupWise Client v6.5.5 or v7.0 on the NotifyLink Messaging server. Reference defect number 371847 at