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SMS messages sent to NotifyMDM Alert Recipients with Cingular phone numbers may bounce
Posted by on 15 February 2012 10:57 AM

If administrative Alert Settings in the NotifyMDM Compliance Manager are configured to send an SMS message to an admin with a phone number that originated with Cingular, it may bounce back.  The cause of this may be related to the migration of service from Cingular to AT&T.

This can also affect end users with Cingular numbers, to which you have sent an SMS Enrollment Message.

Administrators with phone numbers that originated with Cingular can test their account for this issue by sending an SMS message to the device from Outlook.  In the To: field, enter <phone number> (no brackets). 

If the message bounces and returns a delivery failure error, the user should contact an AT&T representative.  The solution may be to adjust the address or domain associated with the user’s AT&T account.