Knowledgebase: NotifyMDM Server
NotifyMDM and the use of Apple's APN Service
Posted by Heather Burkett on 23 January 2012 10:23 AM

NotifyMDM allows the use of the Apple Push Notification Service Certificate to unlock additional functionality and control of iOS devices.  While there are certainly many benefits to using the built-in MDM protocol of iOS devices, there are a couple of items to note:

The proper delivery of an APN is contingent upon the functionality of the Apple Push Notification Service.  In the event of a glitch in the delivery process, NotfyMDM has a built-in re-send after 60 minutes.   Therefore, if there is a problem with the Apple server, changes made from the NotifyMDM server may not be implemented on iOS devices immediately.

The device may return a "not now" to the NotifyMDM server, even when the APN is properly sent to the device.  This status occurs when a device is locked and may also occur in other situations.  When the device returns a "not now" status, NotifyMDM must rely on the device to check in with the NotifyMDM server when it is again in a state where it can receive updates.  Note: The exception to this is when a device receives a full Remote Wipe.  It cannot respond with a "not now" status when it receives this command.

A user can connect the device to a PC that has Apple's iPhone Configuration Utility and run the utility to verify whether or not the device is returning a "not now" status.