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Reminder notes for GroupWise and Blackberry devices
Posted by - NA - on 29 June 2009 02:15 PM


1. Reminder notes are added to the device calendar as an All Day Event.

2. Reminder Notes are only supported when the GroupWise Client on the NotifyLink server is v6.5.1 or higher.

3. Reminder Notes cannot be created on the device, only loaded from the server and edited on the device.

4. If an alarm is added or the item is changed on the device to not be All Day, the changed item will synchronize back to the server as an all-day Calendar Event.* NOTE: This does not apply to sites running NLES v4.5.0; the behavior for synchronizing Reminder Notes has been changed such that Reminder Notes will remain as Reminder Notes regardless of what has been changed on the device.

* Please note that Reminder Notes loaded to a BlackBerry device automatically get an alarm added. If the Reminder Note is then edited on the BlackBerry device, it is converted to a Calendar event. If the alarm is removed when editing the Reminder Note, it will remain as a Reminder Note.