Knowledgebase: NotifyMDM Server
Reloading the configuration profile after a Selective Wipe
Posted by on 26 September 2011 11:23 AM

This procedure may be required for devices interfacing with a NotifyMDM server on which Developer Enterprise Program (iDEP) advanced MDM functionality has been implemented. 

In some instances, an administrator may wish to immediately reestablish the configuration profile on an iOS device that has been selectively wiped.  (This will eventually occur automatically during the next scheduled server connection with the device.)

An administrator may need to do this if the selective wipe was issued for the purpose of re-registering a device or if a lost device has been located after the selective wipe and before the server has made a scheduled connection with the device.

The administrator can quickly resend the profile to the device by selecting and double clicking the user in the Smart Devices and Users list and then clicking the Save All button in the User Information view.  This triggers an Apple push notification and causes the device to prompt for the Exchange ActiveSync password again.  Once the user enters his/her password, the profile will reload.