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Known issues with HP TouchPad
Posted by on 30 August 2011 10:11 AM

The following is a list of known device issues observed on the HP TouchPad running operating system version 3.0.2. 

#1  Email message priority does not sync to server.  When an email is sent from the device with a message priority, the priority does not synchronize to the server.   The message is received, but without any indication of importance.   B5803

#2  Contacts created on device do not sync all fields.  Multiple fields on a contact created on the device do not synchronize to the server or synchronize incorrectly.   B5937

#3  All day meetings created on the device span two days.  An all day meeting created on the device spans two days on the device. The original date created displays, as does the day prior.   However, on the server, the all day event displays correctly.  B5939

#4  OS version, Device Type/Model display incorrectly in User Statistics.  The OS version, Device Type and Device Model display incorrectly on the NotifyLink User Statistics page.  Device Type and Device Model display “Palm.”  B5950

#5  ActiveSync policy changes do not sync with Direct Push.  Changes to the ActiveSync Policies on the server  are not synced to the device using the direct push mode.  However, if a manual sync is performed from the device, the policy changes will synchronize.  B5967

#6  Disabling “Enforce Policies on Device” does not disable them on the device.   If the “Enforce Policies on Device” option is disabled on the server, previously enabled ActiveSync polices are still active on the device.   B5970

#7  Auto-complete feature sometimes prevents entry of correct email address.  If you begin to type an email address in the TO field that is identical in the beginning to an item in the device address book, the auto-complete feature may override your entry with what is in the address book and not allow you to enter the address as needed.

For example, if you are attempting to enter an email address such as, jsmith@..., but you have an email address in your address book that begins jsmithers@..., the auto-complete feature will override your entry every time. 

A work around for this is to add both email addresses to the device address book so that you can select either address rather than type it in.  B6034