Existing NotifyLink Customers considering NotifyMDM or Adding NotifyMDM
Posted by on 16 May 2011 02:39 PM

For any existing customer that is considering adding NotifyMDM to work along with their existing NotifyLink OnPremise server here are some things to consider.

 NotifyMDM may be used in conjunction with the NotifyLink product.  The NotifyLink server will be designated as the ActiveSync server when configuring the NotifyMDM organization.  NotifyLink Enterprise Server version 4.7 or higher is required.

 Notifylink and NotifyMDM will not function properly when installed onto the same server. An additional server or VM slice will be required to add NotifyMDM. Also install NotifyMDM on a system with a freshly installed operating system. If the system was previously used with NotifyLink Enterprise Server, for example, it is required that you reinstall the OS before you install NotifyMDM.

 PHP, Version 5.2.14 which is now distributed with the NotifyMDM Web/Http Component, may cause issues with any existing installation of PHP. Therefore, it is recommended that you do NOT install the Web/Http Component on a server with other PHP websites.

 To Set Up NotifyLink Users for NotifyMDM, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Instruct the user to remove the NotifyLink device client or the NotifyLink Exchange ActiveSync account from the device.  Instructions are available in each of the device user guides, found at notifylink.notify.net/portal.asp
  2. For ActiveSync device users, Clear Registration on the NotifyLink server.  Select User Administration > (select the user) > Edit User Device.  Click the Clear Registration button.

For BlackBerry users that have been using the NotifyLink device client,

a)     Remove the NotifyLink account from the NotifyLink server

b)    Add the end user NotifyLink account to the NotifyLink Server as a Windows Mobile Device on an ActiveSync license. 

c)     BlackBerry users will need to uninstall the NotifyLink device client from their deivce

d)    Then install the NotifySync device client to the BlackBerry. Instructions for installing the NotifySync device client are available in the complete user guide, found at http://notifysync.notify.net/portal.asp.

  1. Instruct users to re-register the device with NotifyMDM, using the NotifyLink User name and Authentication Password.

 For more information on this process please refer to page 5 of our guide below.