Messages moved between folders do not sync to HTC Thunderbolt
Posted by Donna DeEulio on 08 April 2011 03:46 PM

When there are multiple mail message folders on the server or new ones are created, they successfully synchronize to the HTC Thunderbolt, however, moves between folders are not successful on the device end. 

For example, when a message is moved to a new folder on the server, the move is not synchronized to the device.  The message is not moved to the new folder on the device and it eventually disappears from the folder it was in originally.

In addition, when a message move is done on the device (for example from the Inbox to a new folder), the move synchronizes to the server correctly, but the message is not displayed in the new folder on the device.

This had been observed when the Thunderbolt is registered against NotifyLink Enterprise Server version 4.7. 

A work around is to use the TouchDown application on the device instead of the device's native ActiveSync app.